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International Experts visit in Georgia


In April 2016, two international experts Ms. Passant Sobhi, representing VET sector and Mr. Piotr Kazmierkiewicz from labor migration field, visited Georgia within the frames of the project, to provide consultancy to Georgian policymakers, the latter representing a core objective of the migration policy advice component of the EU co-funded project “Strengthening the Development Potential of the EU Mobility Partnership in Georgia through Targeted Circular Migration and Diaspora Mobilization”. The project is run by the Center for International Migration (CIM), Public Service Development Agency and Small and Medium Enterprises Association of Georgia (GSMEA).

During their visit to Georgia, the experts conducted bilateral meetings with relevant Georgian stakeholders, working on the one hand on “Internationalization of VET system” and on the other hand “Risk Analysis of Labor Migration Law on Georgian Labor Market”, comprising of representatives from public & private sectors, as well as donor organizations with the objective to study the situation in Georgia in the given topics and provide their respective research papers along with recommendations adaptable for Georgian context.

The preparatory meetings were followed by the respective presentation of results and provision of the research papers. Ms. Passant Sobhi has presented the case study on “Internationalization of VET System in Germany”, which caused an intensive discussion and interest among stakeholders present, as the idea to adopt in Georgia dual system VET education as it is practices in Germany, has been become active recently in the country.

Mr. Piotr Kazmierkiewicz having conducted bilateral meetings and interviews, made his presentation to the members of the Secretariat of the SCMI, and representatives of the Ministry of Georgia of Labor, Health and Social Affairs, being in charge of labor migration management in the country. Upon completion of their fruitful visits to Georgia, both experts provided written reports about their studies, which will contribute to policymakers in Georgia, in their working process.


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