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Start-up Seminar for Participants of the Pilot Circular Migration Scheme was held in Frankfurt am Main, Germany


After one year of living and working in Germany and having gained professional skills, the participants of the Circular Migration scheme are now prepared for the return phase and thus offered reintegration support. In the frame of the reintegration activities planned within the pilot Circular Migration scheme, a start-up seminar was organised in cooperation with Kompass – Centre for Entrepreneurship. The Seminar was held on the 13th of February 2016 at the premises of Kompass in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Three nurses and eleven professionals from the hospitality sector attended the event. The seminar intended to highlight Georgia’s business potential, equip the participants with valuable entrepreneurial skills and encourage entrepreneurial thinking. Some participants even shared their ideas and revealed concrete business concepts, such as a private nursing service in Tbilisi.

More information about the project ‘Strengthening the Development Potential of the EU Mobility Partnership in Georgia through targeted Circular Migration and Diaspora Mobilisation’ can be found here.  


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