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Trainings and Information Events offered for Participants of Circular Migration Project


More than 30 professionals of nursing and tourism sector from Georgia selected as participants of the circular migration project are currently prepared for their stay in Germany. In the course of November and December 2014, three trainings and information events will be offered: (1) a one-week profession-specific preparatory course, (2) a circular migration-specific financial literacy training and (3) an individual migration project planning event.

Main objective of the one-week profession-specific courses is to provide practical information in order to support the successful integration in the work place in Germany. The assigned trainers of the professional courses, being experienced professionals from nursing and tourism sector, will address the key components and areas needed for the employment in Germany.

Furthermore, a financial literacy training will touch upon relevant financial questions in the migration cycle: key topics participants should know for living in Germany such as financial requirements and procedures, as well as means to accumulating and transferring savings and remittances and opportunities arising from these upon return to Georgia.

Finally, an interactive event will provide participants with insights into opportunities and perspectives upon return to Georgia, essential for the well informed planning of the individual migration project prior to departure.

The pilot circular migration scheme is part of an EU-project, which aims to generate evidence on means to leverage migration for sustainable development in the frame of Georgia’s mobility partnership with the EU. The project is carried out by the Centre for International Migration and Development (CIM) (a joint operation of the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit” (GIZ) and the German Federal Employment Agency) in conjunction with the Public Service Development Agency / Secretariat of the Georgian State Commission on Migration Issues and the Georgian Small and Medium Size Enterprises (GSMEA). Next to testing a targeted pilot circular migration scheme, the project provides for diaspora mobilisation activities, including start-up and reintegration support for returnees.

Read more about the project here:

Project fact sheet (ENG).

Project fact sheet (GEO)


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