Migration Policy Advice

Migration policy advice will complement, backstop, and help evaluate the practical activities of the project. In particular, following activities will ensure feeding relevant conclusions and recommendations of the project into future policy making and migration management:

  • Placement of a long-term migration policy expert on at the Secretariat of the State Commission on Migration issues, hosted by the Public Service Development Agency (PSDA)
  • Assignment of short term experts on specific migration management issues
  • Study tour organized for Georgian policy makers and relevant stakeholders to Germany to increase competence on labor migration-related cooperation with EU counterparts
  • Winter school on the nexus of migration and development organized for Georgian government officials, and relevant stakeholders
  • Regional conference to exchange on best practices regarding the implementation of the Mobility Partnership

Capacities of Georgian policy makers and relevant civil society and private sector stakeholders will be enhanced to design and implement a migration policy that leverages the development potential of migration.