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Circular migration scheme – health-care workers arrived safely in Munich


Whereas the Georgians working in the hospitality sector are already in Germany for a few weeks now, the health-care professionals arrived in Munich only yesterday. After having taken part in language courses and preparatory meetings back home, they are now fit to make the next step in their career abroad.


The coming months provide them with the opportunity to expand their knowledge about and experience in nursing. Eventually, the health-care workers will have the possibility to take an exam which gives them full accreditation in Germany and is a proof of their overall professional advancement.


In the context of the whole project, the purpose of this pilot circular migration scheme is to generate evidence for the future development-oriented management of labour migration. The basic assumption is that such mobility of people between countries can have a triple win outcome: equally benefiting migrants (1), countries of origin (2) and of destination (3), including the respective societies and individuals.


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