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Alumniportal Deutschland – News


DAAD In-Region Scholarship Programme offers an opportunity to the students from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka to pursue Master and PhD studies in the field of Engineering, Renewable Energy, Climate Change, Public Health or Good Governance...  >>


International Alumni Workshop COLLOC 2020 in Brazil

COLLOC 2020 will take place in Rio de Janeiro and will focus on the self-organised occupation of Solano Trindade in Duque de Caxias. By working closely together with community leaders, activists, residents, practitioners, academics, and students the...  >>


Cologne Summer School on Perspectives and Visions of Digital Societies

The Cologne Summer School on "Perspectives and Visions of Digital Societies explores implications of digitalization for Sciences, Ethics, Economies, Cultures and Communications. >>


PhD position in the field of atomic-scale electrical characterisation by electron microscopy

The moreSTEM research team at ER-C is looking for a PhD position in the field of atomic-scale electrical characterisation by electron microscop. Apply now until December 18th. >>


African Science Leadership Programme 2020

The sixth ASLP workshop is planned to be held in Pretoria at the Future Africa campus in March 2020. It aims to grow mid-career African academics in the areas of thought leadership, team management and research development, with the intention of...  >>


Africa-Europe event on higher education collaboration

Jointly organised by the European Commission, the African Union Commission and four higher education stakeholder organisations of EU member states - the German Academic Exchange Service, British Council, Campus France and Nuffic - this high-level...  >>


DAAD honored at the ZEIT Career Award

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has won the Special Award for Best Image Video at the ZEIT Career Award 2019. The video is part of the DAAD campaign “Study in Germany-Land of Ideas” that turns foreign students into video bloggers. The...  >>


DIES/CREST Online Training Course for Supervisors of Doctoral Candidates at African Universities

The online course offers a flexible study opportunity to academic staff members from African universities, particularly novice doctoral supervisors, who are interested to advance their knowledge, skills and networks in doctoral supervision. >>

Successfully Apply for Jobs with Professional Support


Successfully Apply for Jobs with Professional Support

From September to December 2019 we will offer virtual career coaching exclusively to our Community members. Get tips and tricks to optimize your job application and prepare for job interviews with our coaches. >>

Where German is still spoken in the US


Where German is still spoken in the US

Over 300 years ago, German immigrants crossed the Atlantic to reach, among other places, Pennsylvania. Their language and culture continues to influence their descendants, as DW correspondent Oliver Sallet discovered. >>

Quiz: Currywurst


Quiz: Currywurst

The “Currywurst” sausage is celebrating its 70th birthday! But what do you know about Germany's most famous snack, the “Currywurst”? Test your knowledge now with our mini-quiz! >>

The Humboldt-Code


The Humboldt-Code

He was an obsessive networker, a daredevil and a marketing genius. The reports on his travels and adventures earned him star status. Today, on the 250th anniversary of his birth, the Prussian scholar is still revered. On the secret of an eternal...  >>

Quiz: Alexander von Humboldt


Quiz: Alexander von Humboldt

What do you know about the man who was born in Berlin and explored the world in the name of science? Do you know an animal species that is named after him? Test your knowledge now with our mini-quiz! >>

What Humboldt means to us


What Humboldt means to us

What do scientists and scholars associate with Humboldt today? Fascinating replies from five researchers who are strongly involved in exchange between Germany and Latin America. >>


Apply now: “Freigeist” fellowships by the Volkswagen Foundation

The “Freigeist” scheme is deliberately left open to all disciplines and topics. The main focus is on junior researchers (up to 4 years of postdoctoral experience) working at the borders of neighbouring fields or disciplines. >>


Apply now: Georg Forster Research Fellowship by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

In providing Georg Forster Research Fellowships for postdoctoral researchers, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation enables highly-qualified scientists and scholars from abroad to spend extended periods of research (6-24 months) in Germany.  >>

Germany-Alumna researches political participation of women in Kenya


Germany-Alumna researches political participation of women in Kenya

The new constitution has raised many hopes in Kenya. Whether she also uses the political participation of women, explores Shillah Memusi at the Graduate School BIGSAS in Bayreuth. >>


Apply now: The German Chancellor Fellowship

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is searching for the leaders of tomorrow – from Brazil, China, India, Russia, and the USA. The German Chancellor Fellowship offers you an opportunity to take the next career step in Germany – irrespective of your...  >>


Apply now: Postdoctoral Scholarships of the Daimler and Benz Foundation

Have you successfully completed your PhD? Are you a postdoctoral researcher, assistant professor or the leader of a young research group? Then apply to the Daimler and Benz Foundation for a postdoctoral scholarship. >>


Biodiversity and Ecology: Seminar and Conference

Call for participation at an alumni seminar at a German university. The seminar contains topics of the European Conference of Tropical Ecology 2020. After the seminar, the alumni take part in the conference. Application is open to Germany Alumni...  >>


Apply now: Doctoral scholarships from the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

Are you a young researcher working on your PhD? Have you achieved above-average results in your academic career to date? Can you provide evidence of your social commitment? Then apply for a doctoral scholarship from the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung...  >>


Freedom is our system. Together for science

"Arts and sciences, research and teaching shall be free. ," says Article 5 of the German Basic Law, which came into force 70 years ago. German science takes the anniversary as an opportunity to debate the opportunities, responsibilities and threats...  >>

No peace without women


No peace without women

The peace researcher Simone Wisotzki explains why equal rights make the world safer. >>


Reading Matter? 100 German Must-Reads!

DW's list of German-language novels published since 1900 and translated into English is the first of its kind. >>

“Feminism lives on”


“Feminism lives on”

Younger people have a need for real equality in everyday life. Sociologist Marianne Schmidbaur explains how this is changing attitudes towards feminism and how gender equality in Germany looks like. >>