Circular Migration between Georgia and Germany

In 2009 the joint declaration on Mobility Partnership was signed between Georgia and the European Union member states, which promotes among others managing legal labor migration in the form of circular migration.


The development and testing of a pilot scheme on skilled circular migration that matches Georgia’s and Germany’s needs is thus a core component of the project.


Purpose of this pilot circular migration scheme is to generate evidence for the future development-oriented management of labour migration. Basic assumption is that such mobility of people between countries can have a triple win outcome: equally benefiting migrants (1), countries of origin (2) and of destination (3), including the respective societies and individuals.


Yet, such positive outcome can only come to its full effect if the movement takes place voluntarily and the migrants’ individual rights are respected. This applies to temporary as well as long-term movement equally. Also, the migrants’ competences and interests as well as the economic and employment opportunities of countries of origin and destination need to be taken into account. Such approach will help migrants to move legally, to work according to their qualifications, and to successfully reintegrate in their home country.


Circular migration within the framework of the project means: The mobility of people between countries, including multiple temporary or long-term movement which may be beneficial to, and harnessing development of all involved (migrants, countries of origin and destination, including the respective societies and individuals), if occurring voluntarily and linked to the migrants' rights and competencies and their development as well as to economic opportunities of countries of origin and destination.


The pilot circular migration as a core component of the project will thus provide 40 Georgian professionals of the health-care and hospitality sector with employment/continued education opportunities in Germany. Having gained professional skills and status in Germany, the participants of the scheme will be offered reintegration support promoting their successful return to Georgia.


In preparation of the design of the pilot circular migration scheme a preparatory study was carried out, which identified suitable occupational profiles in the health-care and hospitality sector. In this vein,the analysis identified the differences in nursing and tourism professions, as well as qualification needs and employability in Germany and in Georgia.


The pilot circular migration scheme will thus consist of the following:

  • Selection of up to 40 Georgian professionals for temporary placement in Germany carried out by the Center for International Migration and Development (CIM), a joint operation of the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit” (GIZ) and the German Federal Employment Agency
  • Offering adequate pre-departure trainings to candidates prior to their stay in Germany (German language, intercultural, and profession specific training)
  • Offering reintegration arrangements through the CIM advisory and placement services


Through this action, Georgian migrants will have the opportunity to enhance their skills while working in Germany and to improve their employability after their return to Georgia.