Return to Georgia

Mobilising Georgians living abroad is one of the main tasks of the pilot project ‘Strengthening the Development Potential of the EU Mobility Partnership in Georgia through targeted Circular Migration and Diaspora Mobilisation’. With an estimate of 25 percent of all Georgians living abroad, diaspora mobilisation plays a major part in the frame of this pilot project.


CIM has been working with migrants and the diaspora from all over the world for many years. We believe that by returning to Georgia, you can make a sustainable contribution to the economic, technological and social development of the country.


If you have completed a vocational education or are working in Germany we offer you information and support on:

  • Starting up your own business or/and
  • Finding a Job in Georgia


In addition to placement and advisory services, the program offers financial support to experts interested in returning to Georgia.  


Read more on our services on and ("business ideas for development", German only)